Here is an extract of some of our interesting projects from the past few years:


  • Workshop for Cement Plant - Saudi Arabia
  • Special Machine for “Superfinishing”– Siegen/Germany
  • Workshop for Maintenance - Dubai
  • Workshop Attico Metro Athens
  • Workshop and large lathe – Wheels and Axles -
  • Complete Equipment and Machines for an Education Center - Frankfurt   
  • Heavy Duty Face Lathe 4000 mm dia. - Essen
  • Heavy Duty Pipe bending and welding Machine - Egypt
  • Laser cutting and welding Plant - Lithuania
  • Large copper winding Machines – DB Stendal
  • Workshop for rail Maintenance – DB Krefeld
  • Workshop for LTR - Kuala Lumpur
  • Portal Welding Machine /Pipes up to 6000 mm dia. - China




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